Be Yourself!

Oscar Wilde

I love upcycling things around the house to make new use of them. Just crazy about turning regular household stuff into art elements. Can you guess what they are?! 😉


Sleeping Beauty

Princess our Jack Russell Terrier loves going on car rides and especially loves snoozing on the back seat. I try to sketch and paint her as often as possible when she stays still, which isn’t often! This week I did a sketch of her while she was napping. An absolute sleeping beauty! 😀

sleeping beauty

Yellow Canaries in my Backyard!

This week I spotted two beautiful yellow canaries in my backyard. How special! It’s the first time I’ve ever seen this type of bird in person. I hope they come back again!

yellow canaries

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Audrey Hepburn

An inspirational quote from an exceptional woman! A film & fashion icon and a renown humanitarian!

audrey hepburn portrait

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